Welcome to Swami Vivekanand Government Model School, Jhadoli, Block Pindwara, Sirohi
About School

With a clear aim to amplify quality education throughout the state, the concept of establishing SVGMS in Rajasthan has been introduced. The brand SVGMS has its affiliation with the Central Board of Secondry Education. The primary focus of SVGMS is to ensure the holistic development of students specially in the educationally backward blocks identified by the Government of India.

Swami Vivekananda Government Model School (SVGMS) zeros in on  the high standard of infrastructure and facilities and can claim to have a direct competition with K.V. schools as far as the pupil-teacher ratio, holistic educational environment, appropriate curriculum, integrated education for the disabled, girl child education, use of ICT (Information and Communication Technology)in schools are concerned.

Looking at the ground reality and keeping the needs of the rural students in mind, it has unanimously been decided that the brand SVGMS will impart students with high quality education and that too free of cost. We are focused on developing the foundations of the human resources which, in the long run, will decide which way our nation turns to. We have zealously been working on shaping personalities by engaging students in various extra-curricular activities to fulfil the one and only aim - Character Building.